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Tip 1: In general, printing on white garments is more economical than printing on colored garments.

Why? White garments cost less because they were not dyed at the factory. In addition, white garments (and some very light-colored garments) do not require flash (spot) drying between multiple coats of ink. See Example 1 and Example 2 from the “How to Determine Imprint Cost for Screen Printing” section below.

Tip 2: It might save you money to buy an extra shirt or two.

Why? Blank shirts and other garments are packaged in bulk at the manufacturer’s plant. The less handling the distributors have to do (opening boxes, counting and sorting), the more you save per piece.

Tip 3: You can create a design with a multi-color look using only one ink color.

How? By using designs that incorporate “half-tones” or different opacities (transparencies) of a single color, you can achieve a multi-color look. For example, white ink on a red t-shirt can be used to create both a solid bright-white color and a lighter, more pink color.